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Options For Adding Motorcycle Gel Seats to Your Bike

Riding on a motorcycle is usually not all that comfortable for long periods of time unless you have gotten a custom seat or pad to make the bike more comfortable. Depending on how much money you have available, you can either order a custom motorcycle gel seat or you can get a gel seat pad to put on top of the seat you already have.

The least expensive option to improve the comfort of your bike is to add a gel cover. AMC makes Comfort Max Gel Pads that cost between $70 and $125 depending on the size and cover material that you choose. If you choose a waterproof neoprene cover your gel seat cover will cost $20 less than if you choose a silver, tan, or black sheepskin cover. There are five sizes available: buddy (7″ wide by 11″ long), medium (12″ by 12″), large (14″ by 11″), jumbo (16″ by 12″), and ortho-deluxe (18″ wide by 17″ long by 8″ wide front).

For about $250 you can get the Suzuki Genuine Accessories Custom Gel Leather Seat, Pillow – C90T for Suzuki Boulevard motorcycles. This motorcycle gel seat equalizes the pressure of your body weight. It has a SaddleGel and foam inside and an outer cover made of leather/vinyl. Another option for riders of this type of motorcycle (as well as the (Intruder) is the Suzuki Genuine Accessories Gel Seat – Two Piece – Intruder LC. This option has gel inserts in both of the motorcycle seats so both riders will be comfortable. Read More »

Mustang Motorcycle Seats For Different Types of Motorcycles

The standard motorcycle seats that come with the bike are not always very long lasting or very comfortable, especially for long distance rides. Some people need a little more width or a little more padding or just a seat that is better made. One company that makes just these for bikes of various types (including Harley Davidson, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Victory) is Mustang. These are known for holding their shape and remaining comfortable for a long time.

For about $413 you can get the Mustang One-Piece Regal Touring Seat – Vintage for FLHR, FLHX, FLTR, & FLHT ’08-up. These models for Harley Davidson bikes have soft pillow stuffing inside vinyl and are meant to give riders the fullest and most comfortable ride possible. These are lower sitting than stock seats, and measure 17 inches across for the front and 14 inches across for the rear.

The Mustang One-Piece with Backrest for 1100 Sabre, Spirit, Shadow & ACE/ACE Tourer Models-Wide Vintage for Honda motorcycles costs about $584. Consisting of a driver’s seat, a removable driver’s backrest, and a passenger seat, these models have added support in the form of steel support wings under the molded foam of the passenger seat. The front bucket for the driver is 15 inches across and the rear is 12 inches across. Read More »

Classic Bike Profiles – The Kawasaki KZ1000

Released in 1976 the Kawsaki KZ1000 ready to set a whole new level of attainable speed for the masses. The KZ1000 was the fastest motorcycle of its day and a prequel to today era of modern and insanely powerful sport bikes. Producing 90hp from an inline 4 cylinder that put power to the rear tire through a 5-speed transmission. This bike was so cool even Erik Estrada rode one in the hit show CHiPs.

This bike was powerful enough to be used in commercial purposes like police work, but its real ability to shine was on an open highway that gave the rider room to turn the throttle down. Compared to super bikes of today this thing is a bit of a beast to handle in the twisties, but compared to the average Harley of the era its a quite a performer. Just don’t expect the nimbleness of a CB350.

So are you looking at buying one of the former rulers of the streets? Well the good news is you can probably pick one up rather cheap. Just the age of the bike alone and its popularity makes it relatively easy to find (although you may have to do some searching). Expect pricing to vary pretty much based on the condition of the bike your looking at and some models can be more collectible than others. Read More »

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